What Would You Put On a Tech Timeline For the Last Decade?

By Kat Hannaford on at

Apparently it's O2's tenth birthday this year. Know who else is also celebrating double-digits? None other than the Gizmodo family! Is it wrong we got on the cider as soon as we heard? Anyway, we've teamed up with O2 to produce a mega tech-timeline from the last decade, and need YOUR help in choosing what gadgets deserve a place. For those chosen, fame and fortunes* await...

Fortunes in the form of cool phone give-aways from O2, naturally. So whether it's the first full-touchscreen phone; the commercial roll-out of 3G, or the first 3D handheld gaming system, we want to hear your thoughts on what should be included.

Just leave a comment below, or tweet us at @GizmodoUK, and we'll get in contact if your choice has been included. You've got until 5pm this Friday, so get crackin'.

Image Credit: tech laydee from Shutterstock