Who Needs Siri When You Can Ask Ziggy

By Sam Gibbs on at

We've known for a while that the iPhone's Siri isn't actually all that unique -- more of a clever combination of existing technology with a bit of Apple-polish. But now a free app for Windows Phone, Ask Ziggy, goes ahead and proves that outright.

The impressive app combines Nuance's great voice-recognition software with some intelligent data fetching. It goes way beyond what Bing Voice is currently able to do on Windows Phone, allowing you to search, dictate, update statuses, do maths, grab the weather, and even ask proper questions.

The Windows Phone fanatics at WPCentral put Ask Ziggy through its paces (as you can see in the video above) and it was even up to the challenge of answering some pretty tough natural language questions like "Is Darth Vada a good guy?" (The answer is both good and evil, of course).

While you might feel a bit of a prat shouting at your phone, there's no denying that for some actions voice is quicker than typing it out on Windows Phone. Its free and currently available in the Windows Phone Marketplace, so give it a whirl and be sure to show your iPhone-loving friends that Ziggy doesn't just play the guitar. [WP7 Marketplace via WPCentral]