Withings' New Scale Tracks Your Fat Baby's Baby Fat

By Mat Honan on at

Withings new baby scale seems like a great idea for tracking babies weight. Plop the kid on the scale, and it wirelessly sends data to a Withings app, graphing it up just as prettily as your delightful little baby.

Weighing a baby is a pain. Without a dedicated baby scale, you have to stand on a scale with the baby, take a measurement, and then weigh yourself again without it. And if you want to track your kid's growth, you have to enter all that data in an app like (the admittedly very great) Baby Connect yourself. I found that after a couple of months, I got lazy and we just quit weighing our kid outside of doctor's appointments. So this scale, that's designed for a baby and tracks its continued growth just like the big-boy version of Withings could be pretty great. Could be.

It does seem like the kind of thing where you'd really need to have a few kids, or have a baby with weight difficulties who needed daily monitoring, to justify buying it. After all, by about 10-12 months, you can just sit your kid down on your own scale. And although this scale allows you to remove the basket once the kid hits the toddler phase, why not just use your existing one? But mostly, I hope it ships. I've been waiting on the Withings baby monitor for a year now.

Still! This could be quite cool so let's hope it's on the way. I'm pretty tired of standing and subtracting. [Withings]