Worst. Cosplay. Evar.

By Andrew Tarantola on at

I've been to my fair share of Comi-cons. I understand that not everybody can blow ten grand on a fully-functional Patlabor costume, and that's cool. I dont expect you to. I do, however, expect more than whatever the hell this is.

Honestly, a vinyl track-suit, two rolls of packing tape and a Bumble Bee yellow paper plate with a frickin' cut-out mouth hole do not an Iron Man costume make. I've woken up, hung over, at 9pm on Halloween and still showed up to costume parties dressed better than this. John Favreau would be spinning in his grave right now (were John Favreau dead and buried at this point). Seriously, if you ever want to get beaten up at a Con, show up dressed like this.

Here is the clusterf*ck of a costume from head to toe:

Worst. Cosplay. Evar.