You Won't Believe How Much This USB Cable Costs

By Casey Chan on at

I've long been over the ridiculously overpriced-ness of idiotic Vertu phones. 300 grand for a dumbphone? Whatever, the stupid rich who spend that stupidly are beyond saving anyway. But Vertu has hit a new low (or high?) with this one: a £121 Vertu USB cable.

Maaaaaaaybe you can talk me into a £300,000 phone being worth it (you can't); like how it's the perfect combination of technology and jewellry and status or some other bullshit reason like that. Maaaaaaybe. But there is no way in freaking hell that you can convince me that this USB cable is worth £121. Even if it's made from the indestructible, dry-aged umbilical cord of Megan Fox (ew) or sprinkled in diamond dust so it could be worn like a necklace or lined with God-endorsed electrical wiring, it's just impossible to justify that price tag. I mean, I think Apple's £15 for a USB cable is already a rip-off. This is just criminal.

Also, Nokia (who owns Vertu) is supposedly trying to unload Vertu to some sucker so it can focus on making real phones that work better than Vertu phones with regular USB cables that do the job just as well as Vertu cables. So even the company which owns Vertu doesn't think Vertu is worth it. Rich people, you freak me out. [Vertu via BoingBoing]