Your Crummy iPad Typing May Be Apple's Fault Not Yours

By Sam Gibbs on at

It turns out that the iPad may be ignoring some of your frantic virtual key bashing, as you attempt to respond to your boss’s email you should have replied to hours ago. In a slow motion video, the iPad clearly ignores key presses as the guy types.

It’s not like he’s typing a million miles an hour like Woody either, but it still rejects some of his key presses creating errors in the text.

Personally, I haven’t noticed this myself, but then I have never videoed myself typing out a paragraph on the iPad in slowmo either. I have noticed that I make a lot more typos on my iPad than I do my iPhone, even though I love a good touchscreen keyboard. The video is a full 12 dull-minutes long, but you can clearly see it happening within the first two.

Have any of our iPad-wielding keen-eyed readers noticed this phenomenon? It’ll be interesting to see if and how Apple responds to this, as it’s quite a balls up if true, and certainly holds the iPad back from being more of a production-capable machine. Still, I’d take a full-sized chiclet keyboard over a virtual one any day for proper work. [This Much I Know via The Register]