ZTE Thinks Britons Will Buy Anything: Punts a Not-That-Cheap Budget 7-Inch Android Tablet For February

By Sam Gibbs on at

ZTE’s been on a budget smartphone mission as of late in the UK. Now it’s pushing a cheapish 7-inch Android tablet, but the problem is that it’s not running Ice Cream Sandwich. In fact it’s not even running Honeycomb; it’s still running Gingerbread. What are they thinking?

The ZTE V9A – Light Tab 2’s 7-inch 1024x600 screen is at least capacitive, and comes in at a relatively thin 12.6mm thick. It’s powered by a single-core 1.4GHz processor, so perhaps Gingerbread is the best it can do, with 512MB of RAM; 4GB of ROM, and a microSD card slot for storage. Wi-Fi, 3G and two cameras – a VGA front-facing video cam and a rear 3.2-megapixel shooter on the back – round out the specs.

It could be a bargain tablet for those looking for a 7-incher on the cheap -- maybe for a modding project or something -- but it’s just not that cheap. Clove has it arriving in the UK at the end of February for £235. At that price there’s quite a few tablets around that are a lot better equipped – the Archos G9 springs to mind.

It’s a bit crap, it’s not that cheap and it’s running Gingerbread – does ZTE really think Briton’s will buy any old crappy excuse for Android tablet? [Clove]