50 Killer Jailbreak Apps For Your iPhone and iPad

By Jon Partridge on at

With the recent release of the iOS5 jailbreak that finally frees your iPad 2 and iPhone 4S from Apple’s shackles, we put together a comprehensive and detailed list of essential jailbroken apps to celebrate the momentous occasion. Get your party hats on, USB cables handy and back ups at the ready, as we prep you on exactly what awesome apps, tweaks and hacks you need on your device.




SBSettings allows you to move all your important toggles directly into the Springboard where they’re instantly available even with apps running. Simply slide your finger across the status bar at the top of your screen (or change the gesture) and a series of toggles will drop down to, well, toggle. Turn off Wi-Fi, SSH, or 3G for when you need it, Airplane mode for frequent fliers or adjust your brightness, all from an accessible, customisable and skinnable interface. Free


Apple gave us the ability to change the Springboard’s background in iOS4, but it’s not exactly the epitome of customization now is it? That’s where Winterboard comes in. It allows users apply a plethora of user-customisable themes to personalise their iOS devices to their heart’s content. Free


Easily my favourite jailbreak app, BiteSMS adds additional text messaging features that should have been in iOS from the beginning. With things such as quick reply and quick compose available from the lock screen, as well as a handy ‘stop’ button for those times when you (or autocorrect) make a stupid error that you need to fix. Contact pictures, smileys and signatures just add the icing to the already delicious cake. Free ad supported version available from Cydia, license £5.95


One of the most essential jailbreak apps to hit the Cydia store, MyWi allows you to use your 3G connection to tether as you see fit, as well as to create Wi -Fi hotspots regardless of your service provider. Easy to use with either USB or Bluetooth for tethering, or simply create a Wi-Fi hotspot for on-the-go mobile internet. Around £13 from Cydia

Infiniapps – Infinifolders, Infinidock, Infiniboard

The Infiniapp suite of tweaks adds a number of killer features to your phone. Since iOS4 we’ve had folders, yet  you’re limited to just 12 apps per folder. Infinifolders allows you to add as many apps as you want to a folder; simply scroll down to see more. Infinidock, similarly, allows you add as many apps as you want to your new, scrollable dock, while Infiniboard lets you add as many apps as you want to a single page, letting you scroll vertically to see more apps. Around 65p for Infinidock, around £1.30 each for both Infinifolders and Infiniboard, all available from Cydia


Activator is a really useful tool that allows you to assign and customise a load of gestures to launch specific apps or actions. Free


Similar to Activator, Zephyr also allows you to use gestures to do certain actions. However, Zephyr is more tightly integrated into the OS, and also looks a lot slicker. You can do fancy things such as peeling up the springboard to make the app switcher appear, or the four-finger swipe to switch between apps that iPad users are accustomed to. Around £1.90 from Cydia


iOS is capable of multitasking of sorts, but it’s not real multitasking. Backgrounder enables honest and true multitasking, and proves useful for apps that don’t have multitasking enabled or for those that don’t play well with Apple’s implementation. Free



Dreamboard takes theming to totally different level, going further than its much simpler counterpart, Winterboard. Dreamboard changes up pretty much everything you can see on-screen, and makes for some pretty stunning interfaces. You can even skin-up iOS to look like Windows Phone or Android knock-offs, and there’s even an OS X-style skin. Free


Fans of album art can look for Snowcover to give them an aesthetically pleasing way to champion their favourite covers. With a variety of styles as well as added gestures, Snowcover lets you view your music on the lockscreen in a simple, elegant fashion. Free


FolderEnhancer adds some much desired tweaks to iOS’s handling of folders, such as faster folder opening, the ability to have up 300 (!) apps in a folder, pages within folders, folders within folders, and options letting you hide the folder name, wallpaper and disable animations. Around £1.60 from Cydia

5 Icon Dock

Ever figured you could squeeze another app into your dock? Well you can with 5 Icon Dock, which let’s you fit one more icon into your tight fitting dock for quick and easy access. Free

Springtomize 2

Springtomize 2 is simply one of the most fully featured and functional tweaks to the iOS platform to hit the Cydia store. It pretty much does everything you need to tweak your Springboard in every way possible. There are plenty of options to modify even the tiniest aspect of your device, such as custom docks, icons, animations, capabilities and even more. With so much in such a small package, it’s definitely worth the price of admission. Around £1.90 from Cydia

Alert Artist

While some Winterboard themes also skin the notification pop-ups of iOS, Alert Artist allows the user to define exactly how they want alerts to look like without the aid of Winterboard. Around 65p from Cydia



After being banned from the official iOS App Store, Grooveshark makes it’s triumphant return on Cydia, bringing with it all the free streaming songs available on it’s slightly-dubious and legally-questionable online service. Free App, around £6/month subscription

VLC Media Player

Another App Store exile, and much like its desktop counterpart, VLC let’s you play any media file that you can throw at it. Best for handling everything iOS can’t natively on that glorious iPad screen.  Free


Apple added video mirroring to the iPad 2 with help from the Digital AV Adapter, but not to any of their other devices -- DisplayOut changes that. It lets you use any of your 4th generation (and iPad) devices with the adapter to hook-up to a TV, letting you play Tiny Wings or watch videos all on the big screen with customizable zoom and aspect ratios. Around £1.90 from Cydia

Scrobbl (Last.FM)

If you are an avid user of music social networking website Last.FM and wish you could scrobble tracks straight from the iPod application on your phone, Scrobbl does exactly that. It’s simple, lightweight and practically invisible. An SBSettings toggle, also available from Cydia, makes it a great addition for iOS and Last.FM users. Free

Music Controls Pro

While iOS does have some music application-based multitasking, not every app is supported. Music Controls Pro changes that. It enables background and system integration to many different music applications as well as enabling several different ways to control your music. You can activate gesture, lockscreen and statusbar controls and many more. Around £3.85 from Cydia with a free trial available


Available for any iOS device, but looks much cooler on the nice and big iPad, Barrel adds several transition effects to the homescreen, such as a 3D cube effect when you swipe the homescreen, and is definitely something that is just plain cool to show off to friends. Around £1.90 from Cydia

Display Recorder

While I’m sure this is more or less limited to just to people demonstrate stuff on YouTube, it’s definitely worth a mention for just how good this app is. Display Recorder simply records everything that is going on in iOS directly to a high quality h.264, MJPG or AVI file. It’s got a web interface to manage recordings, straight-forward YouTube uploading, adjustable settings, Activator integration and remote control via a web interface. If you need to record what’s happening on your device, you need Display Recorder. Around £3.20 from Cydia


Another pointless, but very cool hack and when activated, Graviboard let’s loose of gravity and causes your icons to go all over the place. With various settings to adjust the gravity to, as well as tilt functionality, Graviboard is a great hack to show friends and potentially prank them with. Around £1.90 from Cydia



AppInfo gives you a breakdown of all your installed apps and tells you their intimate details such as size, price, purchase date and even more minor details that you didn’t even know existed. It even allows you to export a list of all your apps for your own reference or if you just want to tell friends all the great apps you have. Free

 Mobile Terminal

Much like OS X’s own Terminal, Mobile Terminal gives you an interface that allows you to type in terminal commands for more flexibility and control over your device. Free


For times when you simply need a light, Flashlight simply turns on your LED flash, and can even act as a strobe for those rare party moments. Plus free is cheaper than 69p in the iOS App store. For earlier devices it still proves useful, as it displays a white screen at max brightness. Free


iBlacklist combines a simple idea with great execution. The app lets you block certain numbers from calling or sending text messages by simply managing black and white lists. Further settings are also available, such as automatically sending an SMS to blocked numbers and individual settings for each number. Around £7.65 with a free trial available from Cydia


My3G is pretty handy if you’re in an area sparse of Wi-Fi. The app tricks the iPhone into thinking it’s using a Wi-Fi connection whilst on 3G, allowing you to use apps like FaceTime on your phone’s data connection. Around £2.55 with a free trial available from Cydia

Alternative app: 3G Unrestrictor 5, Around £2.55 from Cydia

Safari Download Manager

Safari Download Manager is a powerful extension that adds a great download manager to Safari, and allows you to download anything from the web. It also lets you download more than one item at a time, making your iPhone a much more versatile tool. Around £3.15 from Cydia


When it comes to upgrading your phone, or just restoring back to vanilla iOS, it’s a massive pain to lose all of your jailbroken apps and settings. PKGBackup is a great way to automatically back-up and restore all of your apps, hacks, tweaks and settings with just a few taps. Just make sure you read the manual to do it right. Around £5.10 on Cydia


Probably one of the first tweaks you will install on your phone after jailbreaking, OpenSSH lets you wirelessly and securely transfer files using the SSH protocol. It also allows you to view your phone’s entire file system, enabling you to drag and drop in new themes, manually install files or take data off of your phone. Just be sure to change the default password after installation. Free


Simply put, iFile is a file manager for your jailbroken device with many different capabilities, such as compressing, deleting, viewing, copying, moving, renaming and much more. It is pretty much the same as Finder or Windows Explorer in terms of functionality. It will also seamlessly integrate with many other tweaks as well as Dropbox. Around £2.55 with a free trial available from Cydia

Essential for iPad


When you are sharing an iPad among several users in a single household, things can get messy, especially when some apps might not want to be shared around. With iUsers, you can create multiple user accounts for your iPad, each with their own user information, files and data as well as setting up a guest account for friends. Free, add http://cydia.iblogeek.com as a repository


Many apps simply don’t have iPad equivalents or are not universal. And while many iPhone apps can run on the iPad in a blown-up fashion, they simply do not look good, even if the app has retina display graphics. RetinaPad fixes this problem by making apps full resolution and smoothing out the graphics. If the app has been updated for retina graphics, it should work straight out of the box with RetinaPad. Around £3.20 from Cydia


A slick application for retro gamers, SNES9x EX is based off the classic emulator and lets you play Super Nintendo games full screen on iOS devices. It even allows you to pair your Wiimote, iCade or iControlPad for more physical controls. Free


If you’ve ever wanted to make use of your iPad’s 3G connection to do more than just access data, PhoneItiPad turns your tablet device into fully functional phone. The hack lets you send SMS and MMS messages, as well as make and take phone calls. You do, however, need a 3G SIM card that isn’t just for data. £15 on Cydia, add apps.iphoneislam.com as a repository (iPad 1 and iOS5 supported, iPad 2 not supported)


Mulitflow adds Exposé-esque multitasking to iOS. It’s a slick hack that can open up to nine apps at a time for quick and easy task switching. It’ll work alongside the usual app switcher, or completely replace it, all while looking extremely aesthetically pleasing. When paired with Backgrounder, it makes a dream team of multi-tasking flexibility. Around £3.20 from Cydia



Dubbed as the way OS5’s lock screen should’ve been, IntelliscreenX adds pretty much everything and the kitchen sink to the humble lock screen. It lets you take a quick glimpse at crucial information such as your calendar, messages, the weather, e-mail, but also adds taskbar icons for other everyday tasks. There’s even integrated feeds for Twitter, Facebook and your mail, enabling you to tweet, comment and reply straight from your lock screen. Around £6.50 with a free trial available from Cydia


On a similar functionality level to IntelliscreenX but a bit more lightweight, LockInfo gives you simple, at-a-glance access to the information you need, whenever you need it. You can view new emails, upcoming calendar events, unread text messages, missed calls and more, straight from the lockscreen, springboard or within any app. Around £5.20 from Cydia



KillBackground is a simple tweak that adds a lovely skull and crossbones icon to your application switcher, and when pressed, it kills all background apps that are currently open, saving you the trouble of closing them all down one by one. Free


Apple added Airprint with iOS4.2, yet finding a supported printer is like finding a needle in a haystack unless you buy one specifically for the task. Truprint, however, adds support to most networked printers allowing you to print straight from your iOS device. It will also allow you to ‘print’ web pages, emails and documents straight to a PDF file, to which you can then upload or email elsewhere. Around £6.50 with a free trial available from Cydia


A simple tweak that lets you delete Cydia applications as if they were regular iOS App Store apps, saving you the trouble of reloading and going through Cydia every time you just want to delete an app. Free

Multi Icon Mover

When it comes to simple and powerful tweaks, Multi Icon Mover is among the top of the list. Allowing you to move several applications and icons at a time without the aid of a computer, it will no doubt save you time when you’re re-arranging a load of icons. Free

Action Menu (and the Action Menu Plus Pack)

When it comes to additional shortcuts and actions, vanilla iOS doesn’t seem to have enough of them. Action Menu integrates a large variety of actions into every application on your device. You can quickly scroll to the top or bottom with a single press, copy all and even a access a favourites pasteboard. Action Menu’s optional Plus Pack adds even more, such as tweet, now playing, and lookup, which will definitely save you time and speed productivity. Free, around £1.90 for the Plus Pack


Do you ever wish that when it comes to writing really long names or sentences that you could just have a shortcut to writing it? Xpandr adds that feature, taking advantage of autocorrect and letting you set an unlimited number of text shortcuts to save you time. So setting a shortcut such as !giz will autocorrect to Gizmodo, if you so lovingly decide.  Around £1.30 from Cydia


While we might be able to overclock our iPhones, some might not want to take the trouble of going that far and may want an easier way to speed things up. FakeClockUp doesn’t change any hardware settings, but it instead alters UI animation speeds so that animations and transitions become a just a tad quicker, or even slower if you fancy. Free, add http://hitoriblog.com/apt/ as a repository


As the tweak states, QuickGoogle lets you, well, quickly Google something. Using an Activator action of your choosing, a brief pop-up appears above the keyboard for your instant Googling pleasure. Hit enter, and Safari switches up to display your search results. Free

Manual Correct

AutoCorrect is both a blessing and a curse, as many disgruntled users and websites have proved since the iPhone first came out. Manual Correct is pretty much the opposite of autocorrect. Instead it offers up a suggestion and simply highlights any mistakes you’ve made. Free


The jailbreak community has seen many different ways to position their icons around the homescreen, ranging from blank icons to specific positioning tweaks. Gridlock, however, puts all of these to shame, by simply letting you drag and drop any icon, to any position. It gives you complete freedom to let you place icons in any way that you want. Around £1.30 from Cydia

Scrollingboard (and SB Settings Dock Add-on)

Some hacks add functionality to your dock, but none compare to the flexibility and sheer number of options available in Scrollingboard. The hack allows you to add as many icons as you want to your dock, similar to Infinidock, complete with scrolling. But Scrollingboard differs as you can also swipe over to your iPod controls from the multitasking bar, as well as putting support for other system controls in the dock. With the addition of the free SBSettings Dock Add-on, you can access your toggles straight from the dock, as well as being able to scroll up and down to access more toggles. Definitely worth the roughly £1.30 price of admission plus more functionality from other plug-ins. Around £1.30 from Cydia

List Launcher

Spotlight hasn’t always been the fastest tool in the iOS box, but with the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2, it has become a great tool to search for apps that are lost in the melee of apps you’ve got. For those that are on slightly older hardware, or would like a simple yet useful tweak, ListLauncher adds a long, scrollable list of all your apps in the blank space in Spotlight. Free

These jailbreak hacks, tweaks and apps are what we thought were the cream of the crop, but if there's anything you think we've left off the list, let us know below in the comments. Check out Lifehacker's always-up-to-date guide on how to jailbreak if these tweaks have tickled your fancy, and also check out our previous jailbreak coverage.

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