£762m Lost Because We Can't Be Bothered With Gadget Recycling

By Gary Cutlack on at

Research has found that one in three UK adults has chucked an old gadget straight in the bin, missing out on an average £43.54 that could've been had if it had been recycled. We are burning £43.54 notes through laziness.

The stats, compiled by O2, show that an astonishing 17 million broken and working devices including redundant satnavs, phones deemed unfashionable, old MP3 players, digital cameras and more are thrown straight in the bin each year. If they were recycled instead, our 2004-spec gadgetry could've made us all a total of £762m.

Money we could cleverly reinvest in buying slightly newer models of the things with the letter "S" on the end of their names. [Independent]

Image credit: Landfill from Shutterstock