A 7p ASDA Valentine's Day Card Shows Just How Much You Love Them

By Sam Gibbs on at

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (it’s the 14th of February for those that need reminding), but we’re on the peak of a double-dip recession. So what’s a fellow to do when he’s skint, but absolutely must follow the crummy traditions of a Hallmark Holiday? How about a 7p Valentine’s Day card? That’s sure to do the trick.

Nothing says “I love you” more than splashing a whole 7p on your beloved, and she’ll thank you for it I’m sure – especially as ASDA has slapped a nice big Smart Price logo in the middle of it.

It might just be a blatant PR stunt by the cut-price veg crusaders, but I’m almost tempted to try it just to see what reaction I’d get. Probably not worth the pain and suffering I’d have to put up with for the next year though, or the diamond-shaped hole in my wallet that’d be needed to dig myself out of it. [AOL]