A Horse's Head Is Your "I'm Not a Weirdo, Honest" Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Right, it’s Valentine’s Day, and if you’re sitting and staring at this, chances are that you’re all alone in this world. If you weren’t, you’d be in the midst of a romantic walk, or in some mutual daisy hair-threading.

Don’t worry though, because it’s okay to be alone. There’s plenty of things you can do on your own today that will make you feel good about your pathetic solitude, like, erm… prance around your home wearing a freakily realistic-looking horse’s head. It’ll only set you back £13.01 including delivery and will DEFINTELY set you apart from the lovey-dovey couples that are infecting the rest of the world today. Oh, slight problem. As it’s an online offer so you won’t get your hands on it today. Cheap liquor and self-love it is then….


Today's Bonus Dealz:

600 photo print credits size 6"x4" valid for 3 months - £9.89.
- PS Vita, including 8GB memory card – only £209.99.
- Dell 23” IPS Monitor U2312HM – just £167.99 with free delivery.
- Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360) - only £14.99.
- Sony Playstation 3 limited edition silver 320GB Slim console with two Dualshock 3 controllers – only £199.99.
- PowerColor HD 6870 Graphics Card 1GB – yours for £124.98.
- Sony Playstation Move Navigation controller – only £15.00.
- Refurbished iPad 2 with Wi-Fi (16GB) -£339.


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