A Nuke In Space Could Kill Off Britain Just Like Goldeneye

By Sam Gibbs on at

That’s what the Defence Select Committee told ministers, asking them to wise up to the threat of a rogue state setting off a nuclear bomb in space, which would cripple the UK and is considered “quite likely”.

The resulting gamma rays and electromagnetic pulse would fry anything that wasn’t properly “hardened” against such attacks. It would kill off satellites in orbit and destroy infrastructure on the ground, disrupting power and water supplies, as well as the UK’s defence systems leaving us totally open.

James Arbuthnot, the chair of the Defence Committee warned that setting off a nuke in space would be more devastating to our little island nation than one set off on UK soil due to the widespread damage it would do.

Apparently there is a partial solution that needs to be thought about and that’s just replacing the entire network with hardened systems. Mr Arbuthnot suggests this should take place as part of routine maintenance, but honestly, if it’s such a massive issue, shouldn’t we be doing things a tad more proactively?

The scariest bit about the whole thing is that Mr Arbuthnot considers a nuke in space quite likely. Hell, even Hollywood has been dreaming of it, just look at Goldeneye. Maybe it’s time to start moving back out of the cites into the countryside; using cars without electronics, and stockpiling fuel and food? Now that really is a terrifying thought. [BBC]

Image credit: Space from Shutterstock