Acer Injects a Little Liquid Glow For MWC

By Sam Gibbs on at

I’m not quite sure why everyone is bothering to "unveil" stuff this close to MWC, but Acer’s jumping on the bandwagon. It’s pushed out an Ice Cream Sandwich-packing phone with the most drug-sounding name ever.

We don’t have a horrendous amount of information on the new Liquid Glow, but we know it’ll have a 3.7-inch screen; a five-megapixel snapper backed up by an LED flash; NFC, and will be available in pink, white or black.

Acer’s saddling this thing with some sort of NFC enabled PIM-sharing system it’s calling Android Beam, which should making swapping phone numbers, apps, music, photos or videos easy. Look to MWC for more information on the Liquid Glow, which will probably arrive on our shores in the region of “early summer” 2012. [Acer UK]