UK Student Launches World's First Bamboo Android Phone

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Middlesex University student, Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, designed his fantasy Android mobile, making it a little more interesting than many of the black slabs out there by wrapping in a bamboo case. After posting his concept online, a "technology entrepreneur" came forward to help get it made and sold.

The phone's not just a generic Chinese model stuffed in a fancy case, either. The ADzero contains "Mobile Ring Flash Technology" which sees the camera's flash ring the lens, supposedly giving you a more even light distribution. Meanwhile, the Android OS onboard will also be bespoke, with the designer saying he's currently at work on the "AD Android OS User Interface."

But as cool as it looks, we'll wait for some proper technical details about the phone within the bamboo casing before getting too excited. You can't make a quad-core processor out of bamboo. [Justadzero]