AeroShot Inhalable Caffeine For That Instant Hit

By Sam Gibbs on at

Who needs coffee or ProPlus when you can get your caffeine hit with a quick drag? That’s what the The Lab Store reckons with its new AeroShot instant lime-flavoured caffeine hit, which you literally inhale.

It’s just gone on sale in the US and France, with the puffable tube setting you back just £1.90 plus shipping. The idea is that the 100mg of caffeine, which is about what you find in a large cup of coffee, is absorbed almost instantly as you breathe it in.

David Edwards, the inventor of AeroShot, has also included B vitamins to aid in the energy boost, and says that because there aren’t any additives like taurine in the mix, it’s safer than things like RedBull.

Each tube has up to six puffs and is completely calorie free. The Lab Store also has inhalable chocolate, vitamins and green tea on offer, for those that aren’t interested in a caffeine hit. I can see this becoming a massive hit with the clubbers and students trying to go the distance among us. Why bother with all that messy liquid when you can just inhale your fix in an instant – sounds like the perfect CES fuel to me too. [The Lab Store via MSNBC]