All the Beautiful New HDTVs Are So Freaking Expensive

By Kyle Wagner on at

When companies announced their latest models last month, the future of television looked good and bright and true. Apparently it's also really freaking expensive.

Sony and Sharp put out the prices of their 2012 lines, and come on, guys. Sharp's top-end 80-inch model is around £4,115, scaling down to roughly £695 for a 46-inch, and an unpriced 42-incher. Sony's top-end models didn't get prices, but its 55-inch second tier model is around £1455. Samsung's 75-inch monster's going for something in the region of £5,000, and Panasonic's top 65-inch for £2,800-odd. LG's prices will be out soon too, and will probably look very similar — meaning a lot. But the TVs look so very good.

None of this is necessarily a surprise-TVs cost money!-but it's a little disappointing that all the new-jack beauty is still so out of reach. [HD Guru via Engadget, Vanns]