Android Crashes Less Than iOS, Claims Internet-Baiting Report

By Gary Cutlack on at

Certain members of the internet community will be infuriated by research from app-monitoring company Crittercism, which claims Android is a more stable OS on the whole than Apple's iPhone system.

Crittercism counted 214 million separate app launches across 23 different versions of iOS and the 33 varying builds of Android out there at the moment, generating average app crash data as a percentage of the total failures.

Apple's very latest iOS 5.01 featured the highest number of problems, percentage wise, when launching an app, with the newest Apple OS accounting for 28 per cent of all failures to launch on Apple devices.

One of the key reasons given for the disparity in crash data is Apple's long-winded approval system. Whereas Android app makers can push out minor bug fixes within minutes of finding an issue, Apple developers have to wait for the divine nod from the company's approving angels before fixes can go live, often leaving known bugs in places for days. [Forbes via Phandroid -- Thanks Darrell!]