Anonymous Explains CIA Takedown

By Sam Biddle on at

It took a few days, but a representative of Anonymous (as far as there is such a thing) has given Gizmodo a manifesto of sorts, explaining Friday's DDoS attack against the CIA.

Their statement, unabridged, below:

Citizens of the World,

We are Anonymous.

We are people. Just like you. We are not robots, we are not inhuman.

We are human. We are everyone.

That being said, We also have the capacity for the same errors of

judgement and mistakes that everyone does.

We are committed to improving the lives of everyone on this planet by

whatever means we deem necessary, because we feel that if we have to

take action to righta wrong, its gone on entirely too long. If that

is indeed the case, it has probably been ignored by the people who

should've delt with it. Those people have much higher budgets and

significantly larger resource pools, than what we have available. All

we have is each other. For good or bad. Some use the Anonymous name

to try to "Profit!" off of it, some use it for nefarious reasons, and

we've even seen some use it to try to get laid. Regardless of the

reason its used, we are united under common goals, for the common


There are projects we are working on that cannot be discussed, as to

do so would impact them negatively, and significantly. However, even

those of us working for good, sometimes make very bad, rash, and

ill-thought out decisions. Such is the case of one individual who

shall remain anonymous. We will leave it at this.

To the CIA: We are sorry your website is down. It was not the

intended purpose of our actions, however, in doing so we have created

a way more significant amount of attention to a situation that goes

unnoticed far too often. Six compromised servers containing child

pornography are activly DDOSing your webserver. We cannot stop this,

we have no access to them, due to the fact that the network link is

entirely saturated and we cannot log back in. It will stop 41.6 days

after the time it began. Your only choice is to act, and have them

taken offline, which should have already happened.

We are Anonymous.

We are legion,

We do not forgive,

We do not forget.

You should have expected us...

That last paragraph is the most interesting, and provides both a motive and explanation for the strike. The anti-pedophile rationale jibes with the statement we were given while was down—and now we have more technical information, confirming that child pornography servers are (or were) indeed being used to DDoS the CIA. Their site is up at the moment, so the attacks have either ceased or been blocked by the agency. Either way, if the statement is accurate, we can only hope that the porn servers involved have been handed over to the proper authorities. Not exactly the CIA's purview.

We'll have to wait and see if anything further happens within that purported 41 day window, or if the show's already over.