Anonymous Hacks and Releases a Cybercop Call Between Britain and the FBI

By Sam Gibbs on at

I can’t believe it’s quite this easy, but apparently Scotland Yard and the FBI converse over those crappy call-in conferencing systems, which let Anonymous log-on to check-out what they were yakking about.

The recording is almost 17 minutes long and kicks off with some inane jokes and arse kissing, with the UK contingent confusing Sheffield for Birmingham at one point, and then describing it as “not exactly a jewel England’s crown”. The call was apparently set up to discuss the hacktivist group and Lulzsec, as well as other associated groups, with various members mentioned by username.

Anonymous apparently managed to get into the call by hacking an FBI agent’s email, which it posted on pastebin, and then used the details from that to simply call up and log-in.

Come on guys, really? I suggest it would be best to use something a tad more secure next time. Especially when dealing with hacking groups. I mean, that’s what they’re all about, right? And you’re meant to be the law. [The Inquirer]