Another Bond Teaser: Sam Mendes Talks 007 and Skyfall

By Sam Gibbs on at

We’re eagerly anticipating Bond’s 23rd outing – in fact, we can’t wait. But we just have to; Skyfall’s not out till the 26th of October in the UK. In the meantime, is slowly feeding our feverish frenzy with photos and videoblogs – this one is from Sam Mendes talking about why he joined the project and just how big a Bond fan he really truly is; lest any diehard fans were in doubt over his ability to direct the latest version of their beloved film franchise.

Apparently this is the first of many videoblogs from Mendes, so hopefully we’ll get a few more sneak peaks of footage from the film in subsequent ones -- I spotted a few familiar London locations spread throughout this one. Mendes certainly sounds like he’s got the chops to pull off an awesome Bond film; let’s hope he comes through. And did anyone else not realise Sam Mendes was British until watching the video? Just me then? Oh. [ via TotalFilm]