Another LoveFilm Exec Cancels His Subscription Amid Rumours of Doom

By Gary Cutlack on at

As well as its public battle with rival Netflix, Amazon's LoveFilm streaming and delivery service seems to be suffering from internal problems, fueled by news of a second high-level exec leaving the network within a week.

Mike Blakemore, the company's Chief Technology Officer, joins LoveFilm's CEO Simon Calver in leaving LoveFilm, to take up a role at the Guardian. Calver left last week after seven years with the company to join Mothercare of all places, making it appear there's some sort of race going on to see who can get the hell out of LoveFilm the quickest.

The possible reason? Amazon is believed to be upping its own media streaming services, which opens up the possibility that poor LoveFilm could see itself obliterated in favour of a new fully Amazon branded film and TV service. [Guardian via TNW]