Anything BT Can Do, Virgin Can Do Better (With 100Mbps Broadband)

By Sam Gibbs on at

Seems like we’ve got a broadband rollout war on our hands, and it’s about time. A couple of months after BT announced that it was ahead of schedule with its fibre upgrades, Virgin’s boasting the same with its countrywide introduction of its 100Mbps package, which will be available to 10 million homes this spring.

I have to say I’m pretty pleased that we’re finally getting some rapid movement on British broadband. Lord knows we’ve suffered long enough with crummy internet speeds and crappy customer service. Don’t get me wrong; I know many still can’t get a decent connection where they live. But things are changing and more of us will finally be able to break from the grasp of piss-poor ADSL.

Let’s just hope the two networks follow up with actions and their boasts aren’t just hollow words. [Virgin]

Image credit: Squabbling children from Shutterstock