Apple Binning 30-Pin Connector For Future Models?

By Gary Cutlack on at

According to a reports from Apple fan site iMore, the company is considering changing its omnipresent 30-pin dock for a newer, smaller option that would free up more internal space within its phones and tablets.

The idea is to create an extra few millimetres of room within the cramped chassis of future models, with next-gen 4G radios and all manner of new technology lining up to be squeezed into Apple's ever thinner hardware ranges. Sadly all your old Apple cabling and docks will be rendered obsolete, but that's unlikely to trouble Apple's accountants very much.

The site claims this new "micro dock" is most likely to head off down the proprietary route, so don't go hoping for a convenient micro-USB option or anything so straightforward from good old Apple. [iMore via T3]