Apple's HDTV Already Being Tested By Canadians?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Another day another Apple HDTV rumour; this time it’s apparently already in testing in Canada by two of the nation’s broadband providers.

The Globe and Mail has it from anonymous sources that the Apple iTV is being tested by both Rogers and Bell in Canada due to their internet offerings. The paper also talks of Apple’s flatscreen TV having a beefed up Siri with potential viewing suggestions, hand gesture controls, video chat and an on-screen keyboard. Most of that chimes with what we’ve heard or seen before, and while an Apple HDTV has been rumoured for what seems like forever, perhaps we’re really going to see it this time. Maybe.

Let’s just hope that we don’t get stiffed with a crappy, feature incomplete version if it launches on our shores like we did with Siri. [The Globe and Mail via The Verge]