Apple's Stranglehold on the Tablet Market Is Slowly Slipping

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apple’s going full steam ahead with iOSification of OS X, even removing Mac from the name. It certainly seems to think iOS is the future. But things aren’t all totally hunky dory when in the land of iOS, as the iPad is facing fierce competition and Amazon’s biting just a bit according a new report.

It’s not all doom and gloom by any means; Apple still claims well over 50 per cent of the tablet market, at least in the US, and makes a butt load of profit while doing it. But Amazon’s cheap and cheerful, but still great for media consumption tablet, the Kindle Fire, is eating into the iPad’s share of sales. It’s claimed another 14 per cent share of the tablet market, pushing Apple down from 64 per cent to 53 per cent at the end of 2011.

It seems that competing on price is the way to battle Apple, which isn’t exactly a shock I guess. I just wonder whether the same will happen here once Amazon launches the Kindle Fire on our shores.

There’s no doubt the £400 price tag of the iPad puts a hell of a lot of people off sinking their cash into a tablet. While there are cheaper alternatives in the UK, none of them are super stellar. I’m excited to see how the Kindle Fire fairs in the UK, but Amazon better bring the media goods to back it up otherwise it’ll fall flat on its face. Come on Amazon, don’t keep us on tenterhooks too long; us Brits aren’t second-class citizens you know, and we don’t like waiting. [iSuppli via TechCrunch]