Astounding Gentleman Shoots Himself in the Stomach Point Blank to Test Body Armour

By Sam Biddle on at

If you need any further proof why handguns should be illegal across the pond or that the human race doesn't deserve to exist, watch this intrepid amateur scientist blast himself with a 10mm round at point blank. Why? Fer testin'!

Somehow he survived the pistol trial, although his chorus of "Fuck, Oh, Fuck" indicates this sure hurt. Strange, given that he shot himself in the stomach, right? Surely this daring experiment should have ended not with extreme pain, but with our bearded hero deflecting the projectile, ramming his head into a keg to celebrate, and then happily passing out in a pool of fluids, stench, and sawdust.

Asteroid, can you hear me? Hit our planet. Hit our planet. [Geekologie]