Award-Winning Smoke Alarm Sounds Like a Bird and Could Save Your Life

By Andrew Tarantola on at

Smoke alarms may be essential life-saving devices but aren't exactly the most aesthetically pleasing electronics in your home. At least until now, that is.

The Chick-A-Dee smoke alarm, by designer Louise van der Veld, mimics the American Black-capped Chicadee with a gentle "chick-a-dee" call upon detecting smoke and then escalates to a sustained 85dB "DEE DEE DEE" call as the smoke spreads. Installation is simple as well, clipping to any available surface rather than needing to be screwed in to the ceiling as conventional models do.

It won a Dutch design award in 2006 and has finally been approved for sale here in the US. It retails for £47 at Chick-A-Dee.Eu and is available in six colour variations. Hopefully the alarm's whimsical styling will help increase adoption in family homes that may not otherwise have them installed. [Chick-A-Dee.Eu via DVice]