Awesome Photography Projects For the Weekend

By Haje Jan Kamps on at

Are you bored to tears with taking the same old photos? We all get to that point some times, but there's absolutely no reason to -- there are loads of fun projects you could throw yourself at to open the creative gates and let the juices flow! Proverbially speaking, of course.

Here are seven to get you started...

Photo walks allow photographers to capture amazing images and spend time with friends and other photographers. Organise a trip or weekend getaway with some of your friends or photography buddies. Walk around an area and take photos of your favourite scenes. Print out the photos and compare them with your friends' photos. Photo walks may inspire you with new locations and shooting angles.

Scavenger hunts are fun photography projects to do by yourself or with a group. Make a list of random things or print off a list from the Internet. Drive or walk around your town or home and try to photograph each item on the list. If playing with friends, make it a contest to see who can complete their list first.

Picture walls are a great way to display your artwork and decorate your pad. Frames can be used that are different shapes and sizes to create a wicked design, and they look great on stairway walls, living room walls or hallways. Best of all, they won't break the bank, and it ain't hard to put them together neither!

Create a story with photos. Take a variety of photos and organise them to tell a story. You can choose to make your storybook viewable online or print it and create a paper book. If you want to get all high-tech, use a service like Blurb to create professional-looking books. They make great gifts as well -- bonus!

One Hundred Strangers. There are loads of weird and wonderful photography projects you could embark on. I haven't gotten that many people to join me on my own Locks on Toilets project, to my great distress, but the One Hundred Strangers project certainly has legs. It requires you to photograph 100 people you have never met before. Who knows, you may even make some friends in the process.

Alphabet Photos. Try to take a photo to represent each letter of the alphabet. You may want to photograph an apple tree to represent "A" or a dog to represent "D." This project is fun and challenging, as some letters are harder to represent than others and will require you to get creative with your photography. Fun? Definitely.

Track the Sky. Photograph the sky throughout the day and weekend. You can take photographs at specific or random times. Organise the photos chronologically to see how the sky has changed each day. You can do this each weekend to watch for weather patterns or track the sun and the stars... And nobody ever died from a spot of star-gazing!

As you can see, there are lots of crazy projects you could throw yourself at. Pick your fave; charge your camera; empty that memory card, and get cracking.

Photo credit: The Model, Licenced under Creative Commons, taken by Thomas Leuthard on Flickr.

Haje Jan Kamps is a prolific photography blogger who has written a small stack of books about photography. He also developed the recently-launched Triggertrap camera trigger and has been known to travel the world a bit. If you're of the tweeting kind, try him on @Photocritic!