Bad Apple Store Genius Stole Over £12,000's Worth of iPhones

By Brian Barrett on at

The Apple Store in Charlotte's Northlake Mall is presumably like any other: clean, crisp, tidy. But underneath the pristine veneer, an unidentified employee spent nearly six weeks this winter stealing iPhone after iPhone from the Genius Room. Twenty-five handsets, to be precise, worth more than £12,700 retail. Steal different!

The perp is a "known suspect," according to the Charlotte Observer, while WBTV says that he or she was a bona fide Apple employee. They got away with 22 16GB iPhone 4S models, one 64GB 4S, one 8GB iPhone 4, and one 32GB 4S.

As far as inside jobs go, you could do worse. But I'm left curious about three things. Why'd it take so long to figure out the pilfering? Was that 8GB iPhone 4 a sad mistake? And in terms of ease-of-carriage and no-one-caring, wouldn't it have been easier to boost a thousand Shuffles? [Charlotte Observer via MacRumors]