Barclays Launches Money-Texting App Pingit

By Gary Cutlack on at

Barclays has launched cross-platform smartphone app Barclays Pingit, which lets BlackBerry, iPhone and Android users transfer money to each other not by the modern NFC system, but by good, old-fashioned text messaging.

Once you've downloaded the app and entered your bank account details, Pingit lets users transfer out up to £300 per day, simply by picking a name from their phone's contacts lists. Barclays will then send the recipient a message explaining how the lucky person claims their cash.

If you're not a Barclays user you can still register on the Pingit site to receive money through the app, while Barclays says that it'll soon let non-customers with accounts at other banks use it to send cash, too.

If nothing else, it's an app that let you easily check your Barclays balance, even if you never actually use it as intended. [Android, iPhone and BlackBerry]