BBC Label a Child a Recovering Alcoholic

By Sam Gibbs on at

The BBC has up sticks and moved quite a large chunk of its operation up to Salford Media City. It’s all part of a cost saving effort, moving out of the expensive capital. Unfortunately not everything has been going hunky dory, as this caption balls-up shows.

The BBC has called it just a “teething problem”, but an anonymous BBC staffer has told The Register it’s actually a symptom of a whole bunch of crappy IT problems and incompatibilities plaguing the broadcaster.

Whatever the reason, the BBC better get its act in gear soon – it’s due to see a load more shows move up from London in the next couple of months. I bet you the machine that pumps out the captions is still running Windows 98 or something stupid like that. Meanwhile, that poor kid’ll probably never live that down. Her moment of fame ruined by a computer glitch. [The Register]

Image credit: @Andy_Barton