Blow the Scent of Failure From Your Life With a Big Wooden Fan

By Mario Aguilar on at

Just as the spice must flow, the air must circulate. If the air doesn't move in your apartment, you'll always be steeping in the malodorous scent of your constant debauchery and the SHAME of your errors. That's why the BIG FAN exists.

Unlike the foul scent in your Washington Heights apartment, and your horrible, freakishly tiny fingers, the Big Fan from Witold Szostak is beautiful. It's basically a classic stainless steel blower whose exterior and blades have been cloaked in shimmery, waxed teak. The interior has been fiberglassed like a boat. The result is a gorgeous super-fan; the perfect way to ship your sorrows away and start afresh. [Witold Szostak via Born Rich]