Boris' Fancy New Hybrid Routemaster Debuts on a Rocky Road in London

By Sam Gibbs on at

The extremely pricy, but oh-so-beautiful re-imagining of the classic Routemaster – a true London icon – is finally here on the streets of the capital, or at least one of them is. Unfortunately it’s not all plain sailing; it seems a few bugs still need to be worked out.

Each of the gorgeous new hybrid Boris Busses will set the capital back £1.4 million, but it seems we’re only getting beta versions. The Northern Ireland-designed and built Wright group bus managed to stall on its first run through Islington and had one of its three doors jam wide open to boot – not the best of starts that’s for sure.

We’ll apparently be getting one new prototype added into service each fortnight as they roll out over the next few months, so lets hope they test them a bit more thoroughly before letting them loose on the mean streets of London. Lucky bus riders between Victoria and Hackney will be able to jump aboard a number 38 Routemaster from now on – if they can spot one that is. [Metro, TFL]

Image credit: TFL