Brand New iTunes Store on the Way?

By Sam Biddle on at

Unlike, which is both ugly and hard to use, the iTunes Store is only the latter. Behind all that Apple sheen is a hellish shopping labyrinth—but a makeover might be coming soon.

9to5Mac claims—yeah, anonymous sources and whatnot—that the iTunes Store is getting a total redo. While details are extremely vague ("The new design is said to be even simpler and more user-friendly than the current design"), it should be safe to assume the new look will be a better one. Please, no more throwing everything apps, movies, books, and TV into one big bin for us to sift through—the store's wares have clearly outgrown the shelves.

Whatever the case, 9to5 says a summer release packaged with OS X Mountain Lion is a definite possibility. [9to5Mac]