Brew Your Own Beer From 11p Per Pint Thanks to This Georgian-Era Recipe

By Sam Gibbs on at

A recipe for brewing beer from 1825 has been rediscovered that’ll show you how to brew your own ale for just 11p per pint, but the ingredients are, umm, a bit weird.

You’ll need some barley, 114g of hops and a butt-load of boiling water – that’s all pretty normal – but you’ll also need some 3.2kg of treacle (yeah, that thick black syrupy stuff). Apparently the mixture will produce 72 pints of ale that tastes something akin to London Porter, which a man named Thomas Denton scribbled down in the 1800s.

He was fed up of paying through the nose for his favourite tipple, and so as any good British DIY enthusiast would, he set about making his own. Now anyone can try it out, but you might want to scale down the amounts a tad – 72 pints requires a nine-gallon cask, not something you normally have just lying around the house, I’m guessing. I’m pretty tempted to try this out in the traditional home brewing fashion -- Gizmodo UK Porter, anyone? [Daily Mail]

Image credit: Beer from Shutterstock