Bristol Bus Driver Jailed For Using Bus as a Weapon

By Jon Partridge on at

A Bristol bus driver who crushed a cyclist on purpose has been done for grievous bodily harm and sentenced to 17 months in jail. As someone who used to regularly ride a bike, this video and story just scares the life out of me.

Gavin Hill had a brief argument with cyclist Phillip Mead after being too close when traversing a roundabout, and after that incident, he deliberately smashed into Mead. Whenever I used to ride to university, I always took care around the monsters that are buses; they're such massive beasts and can seriously hurt your puny little flesh-bag of a body. But when a driver maliciously drives right up behind you, or in this case, completely swerves into you as if he's playing Grand Theft Auto, it makes me wonder if roads really are safe for cyclists in our major cities.

Mead just suffered a broken leg, wrist and thumb, and his bike was completely crushed -- honestly I'm surprised he didn't suffer anything even worse, especially given how vindictive that bus driver was. Next time you're on your bike, and you've got the feeling that the arsehole bus driver behind is gunning for you -- scarily you might be right. [BBC News and YouTube]