Britain Gets Screwed Again as Netflix Shows Just How Unbalanced It Really Is With More US Exclusives

By Sam Gibbs on at

Netflix has some great news; it’s tied-up yet more streaming exclusives in the form of Academy Award nominated films from The Weinstein Company including The Artist. Trouble is us Brits aren’t in on the deal, and that’s a problem.

It’s clear to me that the Netflix we’re getting in Britain is a poor shadow of the service that’s available in the US. Sure we have some British content from the likes of the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 that our American cousins don’t have, but we’re not getting all the latest deals Netflix is signing because they’re all US-only. In fact, we're not even getting the shows Netflix is producing itself like Lilyhammer, which might be a bit crap, but we want to find out for ourselves, right?

I get it, I really do. It’s down to the content producers to allow Netflix to stream their wares outside the US, and they’re always after more money from region-locked content -- there's no excuse for Netflix's own-backed shows though. If Netflix is to grow and thrive in the UK, it needs more content and we want all that juicy new stuff Netflix is grabbing to make it across the pond to us too. [Netflix]