British iPhoneography Course Tries to Teach You How to Shoot Better

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apparently most iPhone users are terrible photographers. Now a London-based college in Kensington and Chelsea (where else) wants to teach you how to actually use the thing properly, with apps and everything.

“All you need is a passion for photography and a creative mind,” according to Richard Gray, the tutor running the iPhoneography course, well, that an iPhone.

"With the right apps and skills, the iPhone can be a powerful creative tool. It is a great levelling force within photography. No longer do you need expensive or complex equipment to produce great images."

I know some DSLR enthusiasts that would beg to differ, but there’s no doubt that modern camera phones can produce some pretty good-looking images. The course will also cover a load of camera apps for the iPhone – you’ll probably have to fork out for them yourself though. You can afford the odd 69p right?

Do we really need to be shown how to take better phones with our phones? Has it really got to that stage? For me, point, shoot and maybe a quick upload to Instagram is enough. Everything else, it’s a DSLR in my book. [BBC]

Image credit: iPhone camera from Shutterstock