Camden Council's Robocop CCTV Camera Demands You Comply (Updated)

By Gary Cutlack on at

A furious Camden resident spotted a ridiculous new CCTV camera in the communal area in front of his flat, which plays a recorded message demanding people leave the area or have their photograph taken and "sent for processing."

The full statement beamed out by the angry motion-sensing CCTV camera, in a heavy American accent, is this: "Stop! This is a restricted area and your photograph is being taken. It will be sent for processing if you do not leave the area now."

One rightly rather furious resident recorded a clip of the threatening camera and put it up on YouTube, if you'd like to get a small idea of what living in London in the year 2012 can be like. [Big Smoke via TechEye]

Update: According to Camden Council talking to The Telegraph, the voices of these new "flash cameras" were turned on by mistake and will be shut off forthwith. They won't stop tracking people mind you, just stop shouting at them first.