Classy Mini Fridge Hides Amongst Your Fancy Decor

By Andrew Liszewski on at

While I'm sure they'd be just as appreciated by women, these unfortunately named 'Man' Tables are designed to hide a mini fridge in a classy living room setting. Or, to be more specific, anywhere but a student's room.

They come in three different finishes—tobacco, espresso, and black—and are made from actual wood with non-functioning hardware accents. The drawbridge-like door is covered with fake drawer fronts to complete the illusion, except that guests will find hooch, snacks, and even cigars inside, instead of fancy stationery or whatever else people keep in drawers.

Ranging in price from £210 to £230 depending on the finish you choose, you'll want to remember that your 'Man' Table will also need access to power. So that cable and the table's quiet hum could tip off your significant other as to your clever ruse. [Man Tables via Gear Culture]