Closer ToGetHer Let's You Remotely Control Her Vibes

By Sam Gibbs on at

It might be Valentine’s Day, but not everyone can be with their loved ones. If you can’t be with your special someone today, but you both own iPhones, there’s an app that could help you out, and I can’t believe it squeezed past Apple’s App Store censors.

The app essentially lets you control the vibration of someone else’s iPhone for a bit of remote fun. You can even adjust the intensity of the “massage” and send custom vibes at the touch of a button. The app will also let you send sounds through the iPhone enabling you to control something sound activated.

The app was the brain-child of an ex-Microsofter who initially came up with the idea using an Xbox controller. Unfortunately Microsoft didn’t see the funny side of it, blocking any attempt to the take it to market.

Still, the iPhone makes a decent vibrating substitute, but at £6.99, I can’t be the only one who thinks that if the iPad had a vibrator motor, this app would be the perfect companion to Fleshlight’s latest iPad case (NSFW). [iTunes via Mashable]

Image credit: Woman from Shutterstock