Colour E-Ink Kindle Due in March?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Yes, there's a question mark in that speculative headline, because this report comes via disreputable, hit and miss manufacturer news resource DigiTimes. But still. It occasionally gets a thing right, like a broken clock.

The report states that e-book display manufacturer E Ink Holdings has secured a whopping great, chance-of-a-lifetime deal to supply colour e-reader screens to Amazon, which has ordered a batch of 6" displays for delivery in March. The hopeful manufacturer is said to be gearing up to supply three million colour displays per month, sales only a Kindle-branded device would stand a hope of achieving.

There's a bit more hope in this article than there is in the usual DigiTimes guesswork, as the site claims this report was sourced from Taiwanese trade paper the Economic Daily News, whose word we'd take over that of a DigiTimes reporter any day. [DigiTimes]