Coonhounding Is Your New Internet Photography Trend

By Mat Honan on at

Planking is so over. Breading? Yesterday's news. Sandwiching hasn't really hit mainstream yet. Now is the time when we, as a people, cry out for a new internet trend to fill the void. And to that I say: coon-hounding.

Meet Maddie. Maddie is a coon hound. Maddie's travelling companion, Theron Humphrey, puts her on things, and takes photos. He puts the photos on a Web site, Maddie on Things. Maddie is like a reverse-Oolong for the modern era. Maddie has, single-pawedly, created an entirely new genre of photography. And an entirely new Internet trend, of which she may or may not be the only participant.

Is it really a trend if only one person (plus one dog) is doing it? It is if you make it one. Here's how to coon-hound:

First, get a coon hound.

Next, you put your coon hound on something.

Finally, take a photo.

If you are a very good photographer like Humphrey, you can even sell fantastic prints.

Please note: Coon hounding should only be attempted by professionals, such as Maddie. Do not attempt to put your coon hound on an object he or she is not ready for yet. [Maddie On Things via David McCreath]