Crossrail's Massive Mechanical Earthworms Get Name Shortlist -- No Posh and Becks In Sight

By Sam Gibbs on at

After nearly 2,500 entries (you sent in your most creative names, right?), Crossrail’s drawn up its shortlist for naming its six massive tunnellers that are set to carve out the depths of London. Time to get voting.

Unfortunately they’re not the most inspiring of names – pairs of influential female names from throughout British history or, umm, Eastenders. Your choices are:

- Nancy and Nell
- Matilda and Millie
- Victoria and Elizabeth
- Bobbie and Phyllis
- Ada and Phyllis
- Pat and Peggy
- Gracie and Vera
- Mary and Sophia
- Dorothy and Audrey
- Betsy and Dora

The voting is live until the end of February with the winners announced in early March. I still reckon we should call one of the pairs Starsky and Hutch, Batmam and Robin, or even Jedward – I’ve always wanted to stick them in the ground.