Dead Plant Booze-Fuel Could Replace Petrol

By Sam Gibbs on at

We’ve been making leaps and bounds on using ethanol as a replacement fuel to petrol, but it’s always been a bit pricey to produce. A brand new enzyme means we might finally be able to stick pure-booze created from dead plants in our tanks and it won’t cost a bomb.

A Danish industrial enzyme producer, Novozymes, unveiled a brand new enzyme for producing the cellulosic ethanol from plant waste and the best thing is it’s cheap. Estimates put it at about 60p per litre for ethanol; of course the vast majority of our £1.30-plus per litre petrol price is tax, so who knows how much it’ll actually end up being once it hits our forecourts.

Still, good news for those who want to be green, but still want to drive their cars and aren’t made of money. Bring on the pure ethanol fuel – it’s greener and if you’re stuck for booze at a party you might even be able to nip a bit out of your tank for a mixer. [Forbes]

Image credit: Shot glasses from Shutterstock