Dixons Group's KnowHow Movies Streaming Service Launching March 1st

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Knowhow Movies service, previously announced by the Currys and Dixons group, is now scheduled to launch on March 1st. And there should be some half-decent content on it too, thanks to licensing deals with Disney, Warner Bros. and Momentum Pictures.

Rather than offering a subscription model like battling duo Netflix and LoveFilm, the Knowhow service will run on a pay-per-view basis, with the Dixons group claiming that titles from featured distributors will be made available for streaming on the same day as their DVD and Blu-ray releases.

New film releases will cost £3.99 to rent and £12.99 to buy, with older stuff priced at £2.99 to rent and £5.99 and higher to buy. TV shows will be around £1.99 per episode. Ouch.

While only available on Mac and PC from launch, Knowhow apps for tablets, Android and iOS mobiles, smart TVs and game consoles are also in the pipeline, with Dixons saying you should be able to watch on your tablet, TV or telephone within six months. Plus it'll soon support the Ultraviolet format, too.

Oh, and there will be "Knowhow Movies gift cards" in shops. A modern version of the book token. [Dixons]