Door Open to Windows 8 Desktop Apps on ARM

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the more keenly debated tech-nerd issues is that of the ARM-compatible version of Windows 8 and what it will/won't let us do. We already know it'll come with a locked bootloader, but we're still waiting on news as to whether desktop apps will run on ARM tablets. And it's starting to sound like they might.

A post over on Microsoft's Window 8 blog talks about the issues of power management in always-on hardware, mentioning the challenges of running the mobile Metro-style of app and standard desktop apps on the sorts of "System on Chip architectures" found in ARM tablets and mobile devices.

The key fact there being that if Microsoft is testing desktop apps in SoC environments, then that answers the question. There could well be the option to run standard, boring old Windows desktop-style apps in ARM after all. [Building Windows 8 via ZDNet]