Electronic Cigarette Explodes In Man's Mouth

By Jon Partridge on at

Who said e-cigarettes were safer than regular smokes? I'm fairly certain a regular pack isn't going to explode in your mouth, but one unlucky Florida resident lost a few of his teeth and a chunk of his tongue after a faulty battery caused an electronic cigarette to explode, severely burning his face in the process.

Tom Holloway, of Niceville, Florida over in the US, has been trying to quit smoking after health problems, using the e-cig as his alternative of choice right up until it exploded and caused some serious damage. It's unclear who the manufacturer of the device was, or what kind of battery was in the smoking gadget -- probably lithium ion, we know how fiery they can get.

Poised as an alternative to actual cigarettes, the electronic devices are popular among quitters, but after this incident, I'm not so sure anyone is going to switch anymore. I think anyone sane would take the risk of death years away over the risk of something exploding in their face, right? [Time]

Image credit: amagill on flickr