Elf Defense for iPhone and iPad: Wicked Human Oppressors are Bad for your Elf

By Bulent Yusuf on at

War. HUNH. What is it good for? It's good for the tower defence genre, where an endless procession of imaginary conflicts are dreamed up for our entertainment. Elf Defense pits human versus elf, with a knock-down drag'em out slugfest (rendered in glorious technicolor) over Elven turf.

The game has the standard set-up; enemies follow a designated path through each level, and players must wipe them out before they breach your fortress. In the textbook of game design, this is affectionately referred to as "The Corridor of Doom". Various grades of firepower are available, but resource management requires you to choose your weapons carefully.

Despite the ugly subject matter, Elf Defense is a fantastic looking game. The graphics have a retro blocky style, with some lovely detailing on the individual Elf units. Upgrading them will bring significant changes to their appearance and fighting abilities.

Another distinctive feature is over 100 different enemy-types, seemingly drawn from the entire spectrum of human civilisation. A wave of bewigged dandies will follow on from bearded cavemen, medieval knights, and more besides. Armchair generals are going to be busy cutting these puny humans down to size – and they're not actually that puny.


Elf Defense is available now on the App Store (£2.99)