Everything Everywhere Aims to Push 4G Out This Year

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looks like we might get a taste of 4G earlier than we thought if Everything Everywhere gets its way. It says it’s in a position, should Ofcom give them the go-ahead of course, to roll out 4G to the UK before the end of 2012 – not the 2013 to 2015 we're expecting.

The Orange and T-Mobile merger is also in the process of rolling out a nationwide 3.5G HSPA+ network that’ll finish in the third quarter of this year, while it has been rolling out gigabit backhaul to its towers since 2011 to make sure your mobile internet is super quick. The network is also trialling LTE pumped over the 1800MHz spectrum in Bristol in April for a lucky few, after successfully trialling LTE over 800MHz in Cornwall last year.

Olaf Swantee, Everything Everywhere’s CEO said:

“I am also very proud to announce that, subject to regulatory approval by the spring, Everything Everywhere will be in a position to begin the roll out of 4G before the end of the year.”

We haven’t even had the spectrum auction yet, but this shows that at least one network is keen to roll out 4G and bring Britain up to speed with the likes of the US as soon as possible. We already know O2 is champing at the bit too, so come on Ofcom let’s get this UK 4G party started -- we want it now already.

Image credit: 4G from Shutterstock